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How it works

Stop losing customers.

Generate more sales with Uown.

Don’t let them leave.

A customer in your store is the most cost effective customer to work with on completing the sale. Don’t let credit be the reason they walk out the door without making a purchase.

Uown = more sales.

We both want the same thing: more in-store sales. Our business is to help your business grow by providing an option to customers who may not necessarily qualify for traditional financing.

The clear, easy, alternative way to pay.

No credit needed

Don’t let bad credit stand in the way of completing a sale.

No down payment

Customers make no payment in-store.

Flexible payments

Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-weekly, and monthly payment plans available.

Increase customer buying power and brand loyalty.

A customer buying with a lease-to-own option spends 20% more than a customer buying with cash or credit card.

PLUS, the promise of return customers.

When your customer successfully pays off their lease, Uown Leasing sends them a pre-approval, at an increased amount, for a new lease purchase that is only valid at your store.


We’re different than the competition.

Let Uown help your business thrive.

We would like you to think of Uown as the only source you need for easy lease-to-own financing. However, we are also confident that it is a great program to pair with other lease-to-own programs, as we have certain highlights that set us apart from our competitors:

No down payment

Uown Leasing remains one of the last true no down payment lease purchase programs available. Customers do not need to make a payment of any kind in-store, including application fees.

No credit needed

We do not pull customer credit (soft or hard pull). We depend on our proprietary underwriting, giving credit challenged customers no unnecessary exposure to the three major credit bureaus.

Payment options

Customers choose what works best for them: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payments.

Payroll cards

Because Uown understands the needs of our customers, we are happy to take payment with payroll cards.

No paperwork

We don’t ask customers to bring any type of paperwork with them when applying. The entire process is done virtually in-store.

Customer satisfaction

If the customer lets us know there is a change in their personal situation and they need to adjust to a different payment option, we generally accommodate these requests at no additional cost.

Early payoff discounts

All customers have an early buyout option. This can be done either through one of our 90-day programs or the Early Pay Out discounts that are available throughout the term.


When you partner with Uown, you’ll receive all the necessary training, guidance, communication, and monitoring from your assigned account representative.


Uown Leasing maintains the integrity of the merchant’s customer information and this information is not shared with other dealers or third party RTO/LTO providers.


Best of all, our lease purchase program is available to your business free of charge!

Great Service! Great People!

Al Sepulvedo, Ivan Smith Furniture

Romeo & Juliet Furniture added Uown as another finance option in our store with hopes to get customers approved who only have a payroll bank card.  After trying out Uown for a couple weeks, we found the ease of use and great customer service so user friendly that we now use Uown for most of our no credit needed finance business.

Romeo, Romeo & Juliet Furniture

Don’t lose another sale.

Let us build your business. BECOME A MERCHANT
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