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Buy with confidence.
Rest assured.

Unrivaled support. You’ve got this.

Has your family outgrown your finances?

Fast, easy approvals. You’ve got this.

The only thing hiding here is the remote.

Complete transparency. You’ve got this.

Clean laundry without clean credit.

No credit needed. You’ve got this.

Bad credit makes it hard to buy everything life demands. Fortunately, there’s a fair, dependable, no credit needed alternative to traditional financing. Uown Leasing offers a simple, straightforward lease-to-own payment option to help you purchase the quality merchandise you need from reputable merchants. Learn more.

No Credit Needed

Has a life event negatively impacted your credit? No worries. Uown will not use your FICO score or hit your credit with inquiries.

No Down Payment

Take it home today with no money out of pocket. Zero. We even waive the application fee until your first lease payment.

Flexible Payments

Choose between weekly, bi-weekly, semi-weekly, and monthly payments. 90-day quick pay plans also available.

Buy better. Live happy.

You've got this. FIND A MERCHANT
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