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777 Partners Announces Acquisition of Uown Leasing

by Uown Feb 19, 2020

MIAMI—-777 Partners, a Miami based investment firm, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Uown Leasing (“Uown”), a lease-to-own company based in Tampa, Florida. Uown, founded in 2008, partners with retailers of durable consumer goods to offer a lease-to-own financing product as an alternative to traditional credit. Currently, Uown offers its product in over 450 […]

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Furniture

by Uown Jan 20, 2019

Buying furniture is kind of a big deal. It’s large, expensive, and you’re probably going to be stuck together for a while. Selecting which couch, bed, or coffee table to buy is a highly personal decision. But there are a few basic guidelines that everybody should follow before making the plunge. Here are five common […]

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living room furniture

5 Money Saving Tips

by Uown Jan 16, 2019

As the financial squeeze tightens, everything seems to be getting more and more expensive. Imagine what you could do with a little extra cash in your pocket each month. Save for a vacation? Pay down your loans? Turning that dream into reality is actually easier than you think. To help get you started, here are […]

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